The Baroque Book - Intermediate Guitar Solos

The Baroque Book - Intermediate Guitar Solos

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ABRSM Syllabus from 2009 Grades 3, 4 & 5

Baroque Book of Solos, guitar. A fine selection of Baroque compostions, excellently compiled and edited by the team at EGTA UK.

Content - De Visee, R.: Menuet - De Visee, R.: Menuet Rondeau - De Visee, R.: Bourr̩e - De Visee, R.: Chaconne - De Visee, R.: Passacaille - De Visee, R.: Pr̩lude - Bach, J.S.: Bourr̩e - Bach, J.S.: Menuet - Bach, J.S.: Gavotte - Bach, J.S.: Sarabande - Logy, Conte de: Sarabande - Logy, Conte de: Gigue - Logy, Conte de: Gavotte - Logy, Conte de: Bourr̩e - Reusner, Esaias: Gavotte - Abel, Karl Friedrich: Minuet - Sanz, Gaspar: Rujero - Sanz, Gaspar: La Cavalleria de Napoles con Dos Clarines - Grenerin, Henri: Menuet - Jelinek, Ivan: Bourr̩e - Brescianello, Giuseppe Antonio: Menuet - Brescianello, Guiseppe Antonio: Menuet - Kellner, David: Passepied - Kellner, David: Aria - Telemann, Georg Ph.: Gavotte - Telemann, Georg Ph.: Gigue - Roncalli, Ludovico: Menuet - Roncalli, Ludovico: Gavotta - Mesangeau, Ren̩: Allemande - Purcell, Henry: Canary Hornpipe - Baron, Ernst Gottlieb: Sarabande - Baron, Ernst Gottlieb: Bourr̩e - Anon: Courante - Weiss, Silvius Leopold: Prelude.

Publisher: Chanterelle