Play it Cool - Viola

Play it Cool - Viola

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Designed for the viola beginner, this sheet music collection of ten performing pieces provides stimulating performance material in various styles (Swing, Funk, Reggae, Blues and Latin) at the easies possible level.

The accompaniments (piano or CD) provide a solid backing and encourage the soloist to play with energy and enthusiasm and in the right style. Each piece is recorded with a professional soloist for listening and learning and is followed by a minus-one track for playing along. In combination with other books available for saxophone, flute, clarinet, trumpet, viola and violin "Play it Cool" makes excellent elementary ensemble material.

‰ۢ The accompaniments, either piano or the CD of orchestrated backings, are strong and supportive taking the viola player straight into the right stylistic environment

‰ۢ The CD also features demonstration solos

‰ۢ Ideal for group tuition