Learn As You Play Trumpet & Cornet

Learn As You Play Trumpet & Cornet

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"Learn As You Play" is a series of instrumental tutors designed specifically to prepare pupils for the early grades of all the principal examination boards. The tutors are suitable for both individual and group instruction.

The course, which is divided into 24 units, places the maximum emphasis on the early development of musicianship. From the beginning it introduces the student to a wide range of music, including works by leading contemporary composers. Each unit contains the following teaching programme:
1. New material is presented in clear progressive steps.
2. Short, concise exercises enable new skills to be quickly developed.
3. Instrumental solos by distinguished composers stimulate ande develop practice repertoire.
4. Progressive technical studies gradually bring the student into contact with specific instrumental technique.
5. Instrumental duets (alternate units) provide experience in ensemble playing. Keyboard accompaniments to the duets can be added in early units.

Progress is measured at eight-unit intervals by the introduction of Concert Pieces which utilise all previously learned material.

Piano accompaniments are available for these pieces in a separate accompaniment book. The Concert Pieces are works representative of examination requirements and in many instances are works which have been set in current or past syllabuses.