Lawrance: Easy Winners Lower Grade Scales Trombone

Lawrance: Easy Winners Lower Grade Scales Trombone

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Learn your scales with the help of 48 well known tunes.

Each page in the first part of this book starts with a scale and its arpeggio. The rest of the page is full of tunes that use that scale and arpeggio.

As you play the tunes, you will find out why learning scales and arpeggios can help make you a better player. If you haven't guessed alrady, this is because most tunes are made up of little more than parts of scales and arpeggios

... All Creatures ‰ۢ Apple Without a Core ‰ۢ Besame Mucho ‰ۢ Blaydon Races ‰ۢ Can-Can ‰ۢ Carnaval ‰ۢ Chitty, Chitty, Bang Bang ‰ۢ Come and Sing Together ‰ۢ Coventry Carol ‰ۢ Czech Melody ‰ۢ Dam Busters March ‰ۢ Do-Re-Mi ‰ۢ Dry Bones ‰ۢ Eastenders ‰ۢ Hava Nagila ‰ۢ Henwlad Fy Nhadau ‰ۢ In the Old Bazaar in Cairo ‰ۢ Irish Melody ‰ۢ Joshua Fight the Battle of Jericho ‰ۢ La Cucaracha ‰ۢ Lullaby ‰ۢ Mexican Hat Dance ‰ۢ Moon River ‰ۢ Moscow Nights ‰ۢ Muck Spreader Song ‰ۢ Never Smile at a Crocodile ‰ۢ Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da ‰ۢ Old French Melody ‰ۢ Pomp and Circumstance ‰ۢ Puff the Magic Dragon ‰ۢ Russian Dance ‰ۢ Scotland the Brave ‰ۢ Seventy Six Trombones ‰ۢ Shalom ‰ۢ Soldier, Soldier ‰ۢ Sway ‰ۢ The Floral Dance ‰ۢ The Highwayman ‰ۢ The Hippopotamus Song ‰ۢ The Mallow Fling ‰ۢ The Mermaid ‰ۢ The Rio Grande ‰ۢ The Washington Post ‰ۢ Tijuana Taxi ‰ۢ Tinga Layo ‰ۢ When Father Papered the Parlour ‰ۢ With a Little Help from My Friends ‰ۢ Wooden Heart ‰ۢ Y Viva Espana