Kember, J.: On the Lighter Side Solo Piano

Kember, J.: On the Lighter Side Solo Piano

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16 short easy pieces in a variety of jazz-inspired styles providing a wide-ranging introduction to swing and rock phrasing, use of blue notes and pentatonic melodies, walking bass and syncopated rhythms, plus some more reflective pieces exploring jazz harmonies.

The standard of the pieces range from Associated Board grades 1-3 and they should provide useful initial preparation for examinations in jazz piano.


- Lightly does it
- Gospel Song
- Third Time Lucky
- Mean Streets
- Au revoir
- Ground to Bass
- Happy Feet
- The Forgotten Waltz
- To and Fro
- Sweet Dreams
- Turn of the Tide
- Variations
- Carol
- In Conversation
- Till Tomorrow
- Reminiscence