Faure, G.: Pieces breves pour piano, Op.84

Faure, G.: Pieces breves pour piano, Op.84

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Author: Gabriel Faure

Faur̩, Ed: Howat


These exquisite pieces are among many Faur̩ works which have long puzzled pianists with illogical-seeming metronome markings. The issue is addressed comprehensively in this edition, presenting the performer with all the relevant narratives. Roy Howat also chronicles Faur̩'s struggles in trying to prevent his publisher from adding superfluous titles to the pieces. This collection of short works for piano provides an ideal introduction to Faur̩'s music for the intermediate player. Although at times the stretch of an adult hand is called for, the technical demands on the pianist are far less than those required to master his larger works, such as the Nocturnes and Barcarolles.

Besides their straight- forward musical beauty, the 'Pi̬ces br̬ves' are remarkable for their blend of coherence and diversity. Spanning up to forty years of Faur̩'s composing life, they reflect the many facets of his long composing career.

Publisher: Peters Edition