Encore E6 Blaster Electric Guitar Outfit

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The Encore Blaster E6 Electric Guitar Pack includes everything a beginner needs to learn the guitar, and arguably the best guitar for beginners who want quality at a cheap price. The Blaster Series of Electric Guitars by Encore boasts impressive design features and specifications throughout. The tonewoods, hardware, pickups, comfort, balance, playability and tone set Encore guitars apart. The body, neck and fretboard are made from very high quality wood, selected to produce impressive, balanced resonance and tone.åÊ

Encore E6 Electric Guitar Pack features:åÊ
Encore Electric Guitar
Black B.B. Blaster 10 Watt Guitar AmpåÊ
Qwik Tune Guitar TuneråÊ
Kinsman Guitar BagåÊ
Kinsman Guitar StandåÊ
Guitar PickåÊ
GYC Guitar LeadåÊ
Guitar Tech Guitar StrapåÊ
Encore Tutorial DVDåÊ
Spare Set of Strings