Easy Winners Descant Recorder Book & CD

Easy Winners Descant Recorder Book & CD

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A versatile and very popular collection of well known pieces from a wide variety of styles for players to dip into and enjoy. The CD contains backing tracks for thirty one of these solos as below.

Easy Winners for Descant Recorder has something for everyone. From Christmas tunes to classics, from television themes to folk tunes, the fifty-two unaccompanied tunes have been carefully selected and arranged. The choice of range, technique, and style of music has been carefully geared to the instrument and ability range. Easy Winners for Descant Recorder is an essential companion to a tutor book and an ideal partner to Winners Galore for Descant Recorder.

... A Whole New World ‰ۢ Berceuse (Faure) ‰ۢ Bourree - The Fireworks Music ‰ۢ Calypso Carol ‰ۢ Chanson de Matin ‰ۢ Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ‰ۢ Consider Yourself ‰ۢ Easy Winners ‰ۢ Fur Elise ‰ۢ Grand March from Aida ‰ۢ I Feel Pretty ‰ۢ If I Were a Rich Man ‰ۢ In the Hall of the Mountain King ‰ۢ In the Hall of the Mountain King (accelerando version) ‰ۢ James Bond Theme ‰ۢ Jingle Bell Rock ‰ۢ Jupiter - Planets ‰ۢ Moon River ‰ۢ Neighbours ‰ۢ Parade ‰ۢ Ride of the Valkyries ‰ۢ Rock Around the Clock ‰ۢ Singin' in the Rain ‰ۢ Soldier, Soldier ‰ۢ Spring - The Four Seasons ‰ۢ Summer Nights ‰ۢ The Dambusters March ‰ۢ Titanic Theme ‰ۢ We're Off to See the Wizard ‰ۢ Where is Love? ‰ۢ Yesterday

'...Lawrance has selected his tunes carefully and takes tunes which stand the test of time - so even though some of the films, musicals and television programmes to which they relate are not current, I have found that children are generally familiar with them. Together with tunes that they definitely do know (James Bond, Chitty, Rudolph, Match of the Day and so on) a sense of security is given; and they have then been very ready to try out the renaissance, baroque and classical themes included, confident that they will be enjoyable and fun to play. The book is also available with an accompanying CD, and piano accompaniments. Technically it would work from a good grade 1 upwards: they have been very useful for the just-about-passed-grade-2 pupil, when, unbeknown to them, I have suggested pieces on a certain theme (compound time, flat key signatures and the like). Not quite the casual dipping suggested, but still much enjoyed. (And mums liked them too.)...'
Reviewed ‰Û÷Music Teacher‰۪