Bach, C.P.E.: Selected Keyboard Works Book 2

Bach, C.P.E.: Selected Keyboard Works Book 2

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Bach, Ed: Ferguson


Book Two in this fantastic collection of selected Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach keyboard works, contains a miscellany of a superb pieces, including Solfeggietto in C Minor and Abschied von meinem Sibermannschen Clavier, all edited by Howard Ferguson. Published within the Signature Series, a series of authoritative performing editions of standard keyboard works, prepared from original sources by leading scholars including informative introductions and performance notes. These authoritative and satisfying volumes are all set for solo Keyboard instrument and are suitable for Piano, Harpsichord or Keyboard solo.

CONTENTS: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Abschied von meinem Silbermannschen Clavier in einem Rondo, Wq. 66, Alla Polacca in B minor, Wq. 113/7, Allegro in A, Wq. 116/16, Fantasia Allegretto in D minor, Wq. 114/7, Fantasia in C, Wq. 61/6, La Capricieuse, Wq. 117/33, Poco Allegro in E minor, Wq. 114/11, Presto in C minor, Wq. 114/3, Rondo in E, Wq. 58/3, Rondo in Eb, Wq. 61/1, Solfeggietto in C minor, Wq. 117/2.

Publisher: ABRSM Publishing Ltd