Adele 25 P/V/G

Adele 25 P/V/G

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The much-anticipated and record-breaking albumåÊ25åÊfromåÊAdeleåÊis arranged here for Piano, Vocal and Guitar. Including the huge singleåÊHello, theåÊ25åÊsheet music will let you learn to playåÊAdele's new album from start to finish, exactly as it sounds on the record.

SinceåÊAdeleåÊreleased her breakthrough album '21' in 2011, anticipation has been building for more of her personal lyrics and powerful voice. After reportedly considering leaving the music industry, she suffered from intense writer's block, but AdeleåÊeventually found creative inspiration and releasedåÊ25åÊto much critical acclaim, debuting at number one, and becoming the fastest-selling album of all time in a number of countries. With this exclusiveåÊ25åÊsheet music, you can learn each song with accurate and authoritative transcriptions for Piano, Vocal and Guitar.

ThisåÊAdeleåÊsongbook features every song from the latest album, including the number one singleåÊHello, a Piano ballad with a climactic chorus that reminded everyone just whatåÊAdeleåÊcould achieve vocally, and gave us a taste of what was to come in the rest of the album. Featuring more mature lyrical themes and some contemporary twists on her signature sound,åÊ25åÊmatches the brilliance of her past efforts, with some surprising upbeat rhythms as well as stunning vocal delivery on the ballads she's best-known for.

With the Piano part, melody line and lyrics, as well as Guitar chord boxes throughout, this accurate and completeåÊAdeleåÊ25åÊsheet music is the best way to learn this incredible pop album. Even thoughåÊAdeleåÊis arguably the greatest singer of her generation, these songs are great fun to sing, even if her talents are unmatched! Learn to playåÊ25åÊwith ouråÊAdeleåÊsheet music and enjoy every song from this indisputable modern classic.