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A Keyboard Anthology (1st Series, Bk 2, Gds 3&4)

A Keyboard Anthology (1st Series, Bk 2, Gds 3&4)


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18 pieces of Grade 3-4 standard, edited for the ABRSM by Howard Ferguson. Includes works by Frescobaldi, J.S. Bach, Robert Schumann, and Tchaikovsky.

CONTENTS: Johann Sebastian Bach: 06 Prelude in C minor, BWV999, Ludwig van Beethoven: 12 Two Movements of a Sonatina, WoO 50, Cí©sar Franck: 14 Chant de la Creuse, Girolamo Frescobaldi: 02 Corrente in A minor, Baldassare Galuppi: 08 Sonata in A: third movement, Reinhold GliíÂre: 17 Chanson Russe, Op.34 No. 15, Edvard Grieg: 16 Watchman's Song, Op.12 No. 3, George Frideric Handel: 05 Sonatina in Bb, B.60/27, Franz Joseph Haydn: 09 Sonata in Ab, Hob.XVI/43: second movement, Stephen Heller: 15 Study in Ab, Op.47 No. 23, James Hook: 11 Pastorale, Op.25, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: 10 Andantino in Eb, K.236, Martin Peerson: 01 The Fall of the Leafe, Jean-Philippe Rameau: 04 L'Indiffí©rente, Johann Valentin Rathgeber: 03 Vivace in A, Domenico Scarlatti: 07 Sonata in G, K.391, L.79, Robert Schumann: 13 Erster Verlust (First Loss), Op.68 No. 16, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky: 18 PriíÂre du Matin, Op.39 No. 1.

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