The Fairy Who Sings (Finding the Magic) Paperback

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Briony Rose Fairy is born different to the other fairies – her wings don’t work! Afraid that other fairies won’t want to play with her, she hides away. But one day, Briony discovers she has an incredible talent, one which brings happiness and joy to everyone – she can sing! The little fairy begins to help others and she’s never felt happier! But what will happen when the king hears about The Fairy who Sings?

The Fairy who Sings is a beautifully illustrated, heartwarming tale of friendship, courage and ability and it is the perfect book to boost confidence and self-esteem, whilst also encouraging compassion.

There is also a little extra magic within the book, as there are 10 magic wands hidden within the pages for children to find.

Children will fall in love with the vibrant and enchanting illustrations and with its powerful story and message too, it is sure to be a hit with any fairy loving child in your life.

Let the magic in and get your copy of The Fairy who Sings today!