Singing Sherlock: Book 3 + 2CD

Singing Sherlock: Book 3 + 2CD

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Following the immense success of Singing Sherlock 1 and 2, this volume and its companion book Singing Sherlock 4 provide yet more exciting repertoire and ideas for primary singing. As with the other books, it demonstrates enjoyable and structured ways to teach music concepts and vocal skills, with no prior musical knowledge or music-reading skills required!

The book is aimed at the non-specialist music teacher as well as the specialist, and includes tried and tested songs which will inspire good singing in schools and youth choirs - with CDs of performance and backing tracks. It is aligned to the requirements of Key Stage 1 (ages 5 to 7), and now includes "Sherlock in Concert" - show-stopping concert pieces to round off a period of study.


  - Do your groundwork
  - How you teach the song is really important
  - Jimbo Jambo
  - Singing Sherlock's a Real Cool Chap
  - Wesley Bear's Day at the Office
  - Clues to pulse and rhythm
  - The Nursery Rhyme Rap
  - Toes A-Twinklin'
  - The Little Pigs' Jive
  - Eat Me
  - Sitting on the Bus
  - Everybody Silly Body Song
  - Kapulu Kane
  - First Couple Up
  - Clues on how to find the singing voice and sing in tune
  - Did You Feed My Cow
  - The Bird Tree
  - Five Little Leaves
  - Calico is a Charming Cat
  - The Engine Driver
  - Animals Live in the Forest
  - Engineers
  - Sherlock's Sports Day
  - Clues on communicating and expressing a song
  - Make Friends Around the World
  - The Noisy House
  - Wannabe
  - My Birthday Party
  - Blame it on Brian
  - Crop-Eating Crows
  - When I Was Small
  - The Honey Bee
  - Animal Magic Songs: I'm a Giraffe
  - Tiger Tango
  - The Dolphin Song
  - Pinocchio Songs: Geppetto Made a Puppet
  - Pinocchio
  - Down, Down to the Bottom of the Sea