John Thompson's First Mozart

John Thompson's First Mozart

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This latest, classically-flavoured songbook for John Thompson's Easiest Piano Course introduces easy works by one of the greatest composers ever to have lived, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Featuring some very fine compositions, First Mozart is perfect for pupils reaching parts 2 to 4 of the world-renowned Piano course.

These fun repertoire books contain some amazing pieces that have been specially collected and graded to be used in conjunction with the Easiest Piano Course. Pieces like The Birdcatcher Song, Eine Klein Nachtmusik (1st Movement), A Musical Joke and Sonata Facile will reinforce essential technical ability, while simultaneously enhancing a general sense of musicality and melodic playing. First Mozart is ideal for pupils who've worked through the course at levels 2 to 4, but it's also a great set of pieces for sight reading practice for more advanced students.

The pieces in this songbook become progressively more difficult, and, to this end, dynamics and phrasing have been omitted for the earlier pieces, since they're not introduced until Part 3 of the course. Early pieces like Ave Verum Corpus and Dies Irae (From 'Requiem Mass In D Minor) help to reinforce what pupils learn in the beginning of the John Thompson Method, with a focus on playing notes and rhythms accurately. Towards of the end of the songbook, more challenging pieces like Piano Sonata No. 21 and No. 11 will help pupils to enhance their technical skills, play more melodically, and, most importantly, enjoy playing!

Generally, these pieces stay in the 5-finger position, with handy hints and suggestions when a different fingering is called for. The pieces in this songbook are beautiful to hear and to play, making First Mozart a really great beginner's songbook for pupils who want to learn some of the finest music ever composed. As an introduction for beginners to classical music and Mozart in particular, this songbook is rewarding and enjoyable, these pieces being timeless and never going out of fashion.

The John Thompson's Easiest Piano Course First Mozart songbook is the ideal beginning book for classical music fans. It's tailor-made for pupils working through the renowned and revered Piano method, so it's authoritative and accurate, helping you to enhance your technique and learn some amazing music.