RGT Electric Guitar Playing Grade 4

RGT Electric Guitar Playing Grade 4

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Ideal for intermediate level players. This book is part of an acclaimed series by the Registry of Guitar Tutors.

This book covers all the material needed for the Registry of Guitar Tutors Grade Four electric guitar examination, enabling you to gain an internationally recognized qualification.

The material covered includes: all the main scale types in 2 different fingerboard positions; major 7, minor 7 and dominant 7 arpeggios and barre chords; exercises to use the chords with chord charts and use the scales for lead playing; full details of the musical knowledge spoken tests; aural assessments to develop your ear for rhythm, harmony and pitch.

Whether or not you are interested in taking an RGT exam, studying this course will help you achieve your full potential as a guitarist by developing all aspects of your guitar playing, increasing your knowledge of specialist electric guitar techniques and improving your understanding of the music theory that relates to electric guitar playing.

Publisher: Registry Publications