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Prokofiev, S.: Musiques D'Enfants Op.65

Prokofiev, S.: Musiques D'Enfants Op.65

Boosey & Hawkes

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Twelve easy pieces Piano Solo A piano repertoire classic published in the "Russian Piano Classics" series. Authoritative editions beautifully produced with distinctive art cover illustrations taken from the works of leading artists contemporary to the composer. The music is accompanied by performance notes compiled by Peter Donohoe, providing an important source of reference for performers, students and teachers. This great combination of musical and artistic works of art makes this a true collector's item! Prokofiev's Op.65 presents twelve easy pieces for the intermediate Piano student, with all of the playful and unpredictable characteristics of the great Russian composer's style. An excellent resource for concert performances, early recitals and festivals, the pieces cover a wide variety of moods and flavours, with a wealth of unusual melodic or technical challenges. Furthermore, the clarity and simplicity of the writing offers a candid glance at Prokofiev's compositional approach, which in turn will inform the student's understanding and appreciation of his larger and more complex works.


01 Matin, 02 Promenade, 03 Historiette, 04 Tarantelle, 05 Repentirs, 06 Valse, 07 Cort̬ge de Sauterelles, 08 La Pluie et L'Arc-en-Ciel (The Rain and the Rainbow), 09 Attrape qui peut, 10 Marche, 11 Soir, 12 Sur les pres la Lune se prom̬ne.

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