Coronavirus, and A Major Music

At A Major we take the safety of our customers and our staff very seriously. Coronavirus, and COVID-19 in particular affect older members of the community far more seriously, and many of our customers fit this demographic.

As we move to some sense of normality we wanted to share our thoughts on Coronavirus with our customers. Our shop is, by it's very nature, a shop where people need to browse and handle products. In order for us to remain the prominent sheet music shop in the area, and to offer this valuable service to local musicians we must allow browsing to continue.

So, in order to reduce the likelihood of spread through the shop we have made a number of changes:

  • the layout of the shop makes a safer route round the shop, and allows people to browse while maintaining a safe distance
  • a one-way system is in effect to minimise the amount of times people have to pass each other
  • in general only one member of staff is on hand, so we ask for your patience if they are serving someone else. 
  • hand sanitiser is provided, and customers are encouraged to use it, especially if they are going to try the instruments
  • commonly used surfaces are regularly cleaned, and customers are encouraged to pay by contactless payment
  • wind instruments may be purchased, but may not be played prior to purchase

None of these measures are expected to be 100% guaranteed, of course, so we encourage all of our customers to take the health advice seriously, and be as responsible as possible in their contact with people outside their household. When handling books it must be expected that the more popular titles will have been touched by other people, and as such regular hand washing, and avoiding touching your face while browsing are excellent mitigations.

It is no longer a legal requirement that all customers wear a mask while in the shop, but we would like to politely request our customers do so. We will also encourage the use of the hand sanitizer, particularly if instruments are being played.

If anyone has any questions or queries about our COVID preparations please contact us by email or phone, and we shall do our best to alleviate any concerns you may have.